US considering additional actions against China: White House

US President Donald Trump

WASHINGTON: The United States is making ready to take additional actions against China, the White House has stated, however what these presidential measures could be was not made clear.
Relations between Washington and Beijing have spiralled downward because the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. US President Donald Trump has questioned the Asian powerhouse’s handing of COVID-19.
The two international locations have additionally sparred over China imposing a brand new nationwide safety legislation in Hong Kong, restrictions on American journalists, therapy of Uyghurs Muslims and safety measures in Tibet.
“I’m not going to get ahead of the president on what our actions on China will be, but you will be hearing about some upcoming actions that pertain to China. So, I can confirm that,” White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany instructed reporters on Wednesday.
McEnany was responding to a query on current statements made by high administration officers, together with White House Chief of Staff, National Security Advisor and Secretary of States, hinting the president might take additional measures against China within the coming days.
US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien on Wednesday had instructed reporters that China had annexed Hong Kong, referring to the brand new safety legislation within the former British colony.
“I think you’re going to see a significant rollout of measures with respect to China over the coming days and weeks. There’s no president that’s ever stood up to China the way President Donald Trump has. He was the first president to put a massive tariff on the Chinese to stop the trade imbalance,” he stated.
O’Brien stated that he gave a speech in Arizona two weeks in the past on the Communist Party of China and the risk that it poses to the United States.
FBI Director Christopher Wray gave a speech a day earlier concerning the huge theft of mental property.
Referring to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s feedback made final week, O’Brien stated the president is wanting very intently at TikTok, WeChat and a few of different functions that the Chinese authorities is allegedly utilizing to acquire private and personal information of Americans.
“We are looking very closely at the apps,” O’Brien stated, including the president has already stated that Hong Kong will not be handled as a separate entity, that it will likely be handled as a part of China.
“So there will be a number of regulations and a number of actions that take place to implement the president’s vision,” he stated.
He described the Chinese actions on Hong Kong as one of many largest tales of the last decade.
“We have Hong Kong that’s basically been annexed by the People’s Republic of China, by the Communist Party of China, and they’re imposing their will on free and democratic people and not only are they doing it in Hong Kong, but they’re using this Hong Kong law to try and impose their will extra-territorially,” he stated.
“They’ll use the law, but they also use their economic leverage. So, when the general manager of the Houston Rockets tweeted in support of the peaceful protestors in Hong Kong, the Chinese Communist Party said that they’re not going to broadcast Rockets games in China, and they made the NBA kowtow to China because- simply because an American citizen supported free peaceful protests in Hong Kong,” he stated.
“So, what the Chinese Communist Party is doing isn’t just in Hong Kong. It’s affecting all of you. It’s affecting how we operate in the United States and we can’t let that happen,” O’Brien instructed reporters.
In a tweet, Congressman Matt Gaetz stated the US must be extra resilient, diligent, and conscious of the truth that China is an enemy.
“And we shouldn’t be aiding the enemy by using the US dollar to prop up their companies and their operations in the United States,” he stated.

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