Unexplored Bihari foods that deserve more appreciation

Mutton Tash is made on an enormous griddle, the place the mutton marinated in ginger, garlic, spices, oil, Sichuan black pepper (Timur powder) and yoghurt is fried in mustard oil for 30 minutes. When it’s cooked, it’s garnished with chopped coriander leaves and served scorching with toasted bhuja (fried crushed rice). Anubhav says in regards to the delicacy, “Mutton Tash is an amazing dish and I’m surprised by the fact that people don’t know about it in many Indian states. Towns like Muzaffarpur in Bihar serve the best Mutton Tash. It can be served with rice too, but it tastes perfect in a rustic combination with the toasted fragrant bhuja.”

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Shekh Shahrukh

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