Sawan Somwar Date, Time, Significance And 5 Yummy Sawan-Special Recipes


  • Hindu month ‘Sawan’ may be very vital for devotees of Lord Shiva
  • Sawan Somvar vrat is likely one of the hottest ritualistic Hindu fasts
  • Some folks desire to have gentle, satvik meal on Sawan Somvar

The Hindu holy month of Sawan has begun at the moment, sixth July 2020. This complete month is, particularly, very vital for Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Scores of devotees typically throng temples with their prayers and choices for Lord Shiva, however the large outpour is witnessed on Mondays (Somwar). Many temples across the nation are following norms of social distancing, however it’s a devotee’s accountability too to abide by the foundations, and make this auspicious day a memorable affair for all. July 6, 2020 marks the primary Sawan Somwar; 13th July, 20th July, 27th July and third August are a number of upcoming ‘Somwar’ of this pious month.

Here Are 5 Sawan Somvar Vrat Recipes | Sattvik Recipes:

On this special occasion, many individuals observe a ritualistic quick on one Monday or a string of 16 Mondays or Solah Somvwar ka vrat. Many desire to eat solely gentle sattvik and vegetarian meal. Here are some Sattvik recipes you might prefer to strive:

1. Vrat Wale Aloo

This soothing potato subzi is made with gentle spices like cumin, and has a skinny consistency, you’ll be able to have it with kuttu puri or particular vrat wale chawal.

2. Kuttu Puri

 Kuttu or buckwheat is a vrat staple that can also be loaded with umpteen well being advantages. The wealthy and coarse style of this flour lends a definite style within the preparation.

3. Sabudana Khichdi

 The chunky and scrumptious khichdi make with soaked tapioca balls, gentle spices and coconut bits is a vrat delicacy we are able to lap as much as anytime of the yr. Try this recipe and you’d know what we’re speaking about!

4. Makhana Kheer

This delish milk pudding made with foxnuts, fragrant spices and dry fruits is bound to tug at your heart-strings.


5. Singhade ki kadhi

An simple stew made with water chestnut and sendha namak (rock salt) and a slew of sunshine spices. A heart-warming and soothing deal with.

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